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Upcoming Events:

November 3 - 5, 2023  - The Country House Conference -  The Connecticut Country House

Country House Conference 2023

November 3rd:  House Tours of the Greater Hartford Region.

November 4th: Main Conference Day, Webb Deane Stevens Museum, Wethersfield, CT.

November 5th: House Tours New Haven and the Coast.


Past Events:


06/22/2023  -Lecture Program - New York, NY

The Five: The Vanishing World of New York's First Millionaires 

In the early 19th century New York, five men would emerge as the financial titans of the City. Referred to as “The Five,” Astor, Lenox, Coster, Whitney, and Prime were among the first multi-millionaires in the country. Equivalent to today’s mega-billionaires, these five men rebuilt New York and the surrounding world in an image of 19th-century tranquility. Explore the lost and extant architecture and landscapes that defined the world of the Five, from grand Fifth Avenue mansions to country houses on the Hudson and summer cottages in Newport.


07/09/2023  -Tour Program - Tuxedo Park, NY

Tuxedo Park Tour

Spend a summer afternoon exploring the magnificent estates of Tuxedo Park.  This exclusive enclave developed in 1885 as a hunting and fishing retreat for the ultra-rich of New York by tobacco and real estate heir Pierre Lorillard IV.  Today, Tuxedo Park is one of the finest concentrations of gilded age country houses outside of New York City.


Guests will explore three private mansions that exemplify the rich architectural heritage and history of Tuxedo Park as well as an exclusive tour of this rarefied gated community.  Lunch and Tea will be provided as part of this Sunday excursion.

05/11/2023  -Lecture Program - Mount Stuart House, Bute, UK

The Livingstons of New York

An exploration of American architectural and landscape design through one family.

For over 300 years the Livingston family and their antecedents transformed the Hudson Valley of New York into epitome of American taste.  Utilizing a fortune forged in colonial period and expanded in the age of republic they cultivate estates along the Hudson River that became standard of American taste. Their patronage saw the emergence of some of the greatest American, architects, artists, and designers and helped catapult the careers of  Hudson River School artists, cabinetmakers like  Duncan Phyfe and Herter Brothers and notably in the world of architectural design, A.J. Davis, A.J. Downing, Calvert Vaux, Frederick Clarke Withers, Richard Morris Hunt and Stanford White.

04/16/2023  - Lecture Program - Staatsburg, NY

Lost Country Houses of New York.

Join ACHF President TR Revella-Hamilton, for an exploration of the once-rural past of New York City and the great houses that stretched across that lost country setting. Long before the urban development of modern New York, bucolic rolling hills dotted with small farms, stretched across the five boroughs. Within this idyllic landscape, affluent New Yorkers built grand country residences in the Manhattan countryside; countryside that, within a few short generations, would be consumed by an ever-expanding metropolis.

Reception to and tour to be held after the lecture.  Proceeds to benefit the Friends of Mills at Staatsburgh. 

11/18/2022  - Lecture Program - New York, NY


Lost Country Houses of New York.

The dense urban landscape of Manhattan was once an expanse of bucolic rolling hills dotted with small farms and country estates. 18th and 19th century New Yorkers built grand country residences in the former countryside of Manhattan that within a few short generations would be consumed by urban development. Architectural Conservator TR Hamilton explores the once rural past of the great country houses that once stretched across the lost country setting of New York City.


Proceeds to benefit the Salmagundi Club. 


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